Report generation is a staple function, but the flexibility and customizability in Hawkeye has made reports a notable feature in its own right.

Hawkeye can produce six different kinds of reports: survey, critical points, projection only, interpolated survey, criticality, and anti-collision reports. The user can use templates, or design personal templates by combining and re-ordering any of over 40 data columns, ready to print, email or export to PDF, CSV or Excel.


Reports in HawkEye:

  1. Survey Reports- This is the default type of report, which presents all of a curve’s surveys under critical points headings.
  2. Projection Reports- This will show all svys from an active projection, and can be included as part of a the standard report. 
  3. Interpolated Reports- This report is useful for interpolating surveys across different types of wells. It has different interval options between a proposal and an as-drilled well.
  4. Critical Points Reports- This report displays only the geometrically defined critical points and user comments for a curve.
  5. Criticality Reports- A special kind of least distance report where several different wells can be compared to determine dangerous proximities.
  6. Anti-Colision Reports- These comprehensive readouts include all values related to separation factor and include a ladder plot as cover page.