Presentation plots of extreme high quality can be generated through Hawkeye.

Lots of information and a professional appearance matter in using large plots, and Hawkeye delivers. The scaleable vector graphics behind the Presentation Plot Designer empower the user with clean, precise graphics. Utilizing a secondary program called Inkscape™ allows for infinitely deep precision and detail.


Inkscape is a scalable vector graphics (SVG) editor, which makes for very clean and precise visual representations of the native data retrieved from the project database. But SVG also allows a high degree of flexibility as far as zooming and resizing. InkScape itself a tremendously powerful SVG editor that will produce very professional and sharp professional-caliber plots.

Each project is given up to four customizable templates. The template names can be changed to whatever descriptive name the user wants. The Plot Designer allows for adding a large number of elements:

· Add Vertical- add a Vertical Section view graph to the plot

· Add Horizontal- add a Horizontal view graph to the plot

· Add MD or TVD vs ??- Add a graph which charts MD or TVD against any given parameter you chose.

· Add Graphic- Drop any sort of image file into the plot.

· Add Frame- This button encompasses a long list of additional types of frames which can be selected from the drop-down menu in the sub-panel created. Those frames include:

· Header

· Footer

· General Data

· Critical Points

· Hard Lines

· Lease Lines

· Lithology

· Casing

· Job Data

· Slot Data

· Text

· Last 3D View

· 3D Perspectives

· Geomagnetics

· Geodetics


The difference between the Field version and Well Planning version of HawkEye™ with plotting is that only in the Well Planning version will the larger wall plot sizes be available for printing and exporting. Only the smaller paper sizes are available in the Field version since it is assumed that users of the Field version will not need a plot printout larger than A3.

Exclusive Well Planning version print sizes include: A4, A2, 11x17, ISO A0-2, ISO B1, B1-B4(JIS), ARCH A-E1, Folio [8.5x13in], 22x36in, 24x48in, 24x60in, 24x72in, 24x84in, 24x96in, 24x108in, 36x42in, 36x60in, 36x72in, 36x84in, 36x96in, 36x108in and PostScript Custom.