HawkEyeTM can superimpose the 3D curves of a project onto a Google Earth satellite image of the planet's surface.

The Google Earth program superimposes over a satellite image of the planet’s surface all plans, offsets and hardline/leaselines. The project information that is displayed on the surface map appears to sit aboveground.


  • With only 3D Curves toggled on, the well will be displayed as ending at the surface of the planet and extending upwards to the sky with a 1:1 scale.
  • With both 3D and 2D Curves on, a path along the surface will illustrate where the curve walks along the surface as well as the 3D curve going upward.
  • The Google Earth module requires that Google Earth be installed. It will also require a live internet connection to run. Download for free at http://earth.google.com.