Software that uses a pedal curve method of calculation never visualize that pedal curve in a 3D space. Because HawkEye™ does so, along with the underlying ellipse, it becomes easier than ever to visually understand areas of uncertainty associated with a well at any depth.


Ellipsoidal Cylinders

Using ISCWSA error models, HawkEye™ can express the zones of uncertainty not only with ellipses and the visualized pedal curve, but also with cylinders derived from the same industry-standard calculation methods:
Or in combination with wirelines for the reference curve:
  uncertainty cylinderswires600

Error modelling is based on models submitted by the International Steering Committee on Wellbore Survey Accuracy (ISCWSA). The organization is dedicated to providing a consistent set of reliable data on survey-tool performance in today's wells. Their work is fully incorporated into Hawkeye and the user benefits from it.